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Check out Austin's new single Pay it Backwards, a hard hitting new indie rock banger. With introspective lyrics and soaring choruses, this song is maybe not THE song of the summer, but Austin would love for it to be a contender. Find the music video below.

Pay it Backwards

With an immediately captivating sense of charisma and fun, Austin's new single Cigarettes is the perfect song for a late night or a long drive. Austin croons over catchy guitar riffs with dynamic lyrics, punctuated with fantastic drum work and a fun baseline. Even in its quieter moments, Cigarettes immerses the listener with slick vocal harmonies and DIY production. Austin's vocals soar over the chorus, a raucous denial of addictive tendencies, which later turns to acknowledgment and a change for the better by the end of this certified banger. 


Blue Strip Lights (live with PHNX)

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